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About ASIS

Since ASIS GmbH was founded in 1998, the focus of the business has been on the process automation and painting technology.

Initially, the company was engaged in industrial automation software, but soon control cabinet construction and assembly as well as line construction were added to the service range. Today, ASIS in Landshut provides integrated solutions for the automotive and automotive supply industry.

Detail and niche solutions for energy suppliers, the food industry and other industry sectors also belong to ASIS’s competencies. Thanks to its capability profile, ASIS can be proud of a steadily growing staff and revenues.

Currently ASIS occupies 130 employees.

Dipl. Ing. Hans-Jürgen Multhammer


The company philosophy of ASIS:
SONY DSCWe always act according to the motto: “The thought process alone doesn’t accomplish anything, only pragmatic thinking related to the respective task at hand leads to intelligent solutions.”

You’ll find the proof in our way of working. After having analyzed the assignment, defined the target and worked out the approach in close cooperation with our clients, we use individual hardware components as well as standard or specific software out of which we design a result-oriented solution.

Looking back on many years of experience we know that not only the result counts but also the journey to it. That’s why we use all possibilities of getting there rapidly and efficiently.

We do not stick to proven methods and concepts, we question them critically and do have enough courage to strike new paths. We admit that this procedure is sometimes quite unconventional – but it is very efficient, too.


Currently the references are only available in German. So please visit the German version of our site for further information!





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