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Atomizer cleaning with ASIS technology


Pneumatic atomizer cleaning with ASIS technology

Why CleanGun?

Soiling of the atomizer and especially of the air caps are problems that all paint shops are confronted with and which can be avoided by our CleanGun.

In this process, the atomizers are cleaned mechanically by means of oscillating brushes moistened with cleaning medium. Due to the oscillating movement of the cleaning brushes, an optimal cleaning result is obtained. The necessary use of flushing medium is dimensions less than with comparable brushless systems. CleanGun is available as single or dual version and can be adapted to various atomizers and manufacturers.

Special features are the blow-off device and the ATEX approval, which allow the use in hazardous areas. (Marking EXII GD c T4 T1 20°)


  • Fast cleaning
  • Exceptionally low rinsing media consumption
  • VOC compliant
  • Lower compressed air consumption
  • Closed tank
  • No secondary contamination
  • Low maintenance

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We offer our own products for the entire process chain in surface technology, which have already been used in numerous projects by us or other companies.

Pneumatic control

The CleanGun system can be purchased with an optional pneumatic control box. This makes integration into existing systems even easier. All that is needed for connection is a pneumatic feed and 2x outputs on the robot or the higher-level controller.

Technical data

Deployment media
Air, solvent
Media connections
Air 6 mm, solvent G 1/8", dump 2 1/2"
Working pressure solvent
Pmin = 0,5 bar – Pmax = 8,0 bar
Stainless steel, POM, VITON, FEP
598 x 217 x 150 mm