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Material Pressure Regulator MPR

Modular pneumatic diaphragm pressure regulator 1:1

Material Pressure Regulator MPR

Modular pneumatic diaphragm pressure regulator 1:1

Enormously Flexible

The material pressure regulator (MDR 1:1) is the latest new development in the ASIS product family. The biggest plus point of the pneumatic diaphragm pressure regulator is its high flexibility. For all variants, the basic body always remains identical. Instead of replacing the complete regulator, only the input and seal components are adapted accordingly.

Modular Material Inlet
The material inlet can be freely selected from several connection packages (G1/8″, G1/4″ or direct installation on the ASIS color changer). Thus, even short-term changes of the connection size are possible at any time, since only the connection package has to be exchanged. The controller can be used as a “one way” as well as a “circulation” version. In the latter case, the rear blanking plate is omitted and a suitable connection package is fitted.

Compatible Seal Kits
There is a choice of three seal sets (O-ring, ceramic or plastic seal). All seal sets are compatible with each other. Changes in material requirements can be responded to quickly and easily. For the plastic seal, ASIS relies on a new material that promises longer durability than the commonly used polyamide (PA).

Spare Parts Supply
Should replacement be necessary, however, this is done in a maintenance-friendly and quick manner by means of a compatible spare parts package. Despite the wide range of variations, all controller types are covered by just three packages. They differ only in the seal set; parts such as air and color diaphragms, regulating screw or spring remain identical throughout.

Customers can stock several regulators and design them quickly and flexibly with the connection packages and seals, depending on their requirements. When using a pig, the material can be pushed back in the reverse flow direction.

The overall system is compatible with all conical-sealing fittings in the painting industry.



  • Selectable between three different seal sets (O-ring, ceramic, plastic seal)
  • Depending on the type of plant, the optimum seal set can be selected, the basic body always remains identical
  • Variation variety due to selectable connection packages for the material inlet: G1/8″, G1/4″, direct attachment to ASIS color changer, possibility to attach to ASIS distributor bar
  • Short-term change of connection size at material inlet possible at any time
  • When using a pig, material can be pushed back in reverse flow direction
  • Nearly identical spare parts equipment despite variation diversity
  • Leakage connection as visual control in case of malfunction
  • Pneumatic connection direction is freely selectable
  • Variety of mounting and installation options: direct attachment to ASIS color changer, double nipple, angle attachment, distributor strip
  • Compatible with all conical sealing fittings in the painting industry

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Technical data

Size/construction space (without connection packages)
16 x 41 x 47 mm
Weight basic module MPR1.1
370 g
Weight connection package MPR direct attachment (DA)
50 g
Weight connection package MDR G1.8
60 g
Weight connection package MDR G1.4
60 g
Weight blind plate
10 g
Inlet pressure
bis 15 bar
Operating pressure air
0 - 7 bar
Operating pressure media outlet
0,5 - 7 bar
Temperature range
10 - 40 °C
Wetted parts air
Aluminum / Anodized aluminum, nickel-plated brass, PTFE
Wetted parts media
Stainless steel, FFKM, ceramic, special resistant material for plastic seal
Connections selectable/configurable
Connection package DA
Direct attachment to ASIS color change technology
Connection package G1.8
Material inlet G1/8" conical sealing
Connection package G1.4
Material inlet G1/4" conical sealing
Blind plate BP
Material supply with one way line to material pressure regulator

Distributor Bars

The optional distributor bars can be used, for example, to individually control several pressure regulators with only one input in automatic surface paint systems. The bars are available in two or four versions and can be extended via double nipples.