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Paint Supply

Economical paint supply from high-runners to special colors with a consistent control concept

Paint supply

Economical paint supply from high-runners to special colors with a consistent control concept

ASIS paint supply

The paint supply station is used to prepare and feed the paint medium into the process sequence. Two systems are generally used in parallel: the highrunner paint supply and the special color supply.

Highrunner describes those media that are constantly required in large quantities, such as primer, basecoat or clearcoat. The Paint-Sup high-runner system from ASIS has electropolished containers of up to 1000 liters and is 100% customer-specific in its design. High availability is the top priority here.


Automated color change

A pig can be used with all paint supply systems, which reduces rinsing media consumption and paint loss to a minimum. The color change is fully automatic. The change program is started via the simple control system and runs automatically, leaving the operator free to concentrate on other tasks. The consumption of rinsing agent is precisely regulated. The systems are approved for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX). The color change can be conveniently and easily adapted and optimized using the CC-Edit editing software without any programming knowledge.

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Special color supply as a challenge

The supply of special colors is becoming increasingly important in modern paint shops. Extensive customization options on the end customer side, for example in the automotive sector, or smaller production batches lead to a large variety of colours in the paint shop. The main challenges here are frequent color changes in a short period of time with the most resource- and cost-efficient operation possible.

Paint supply 100% customer-specific

The high control standard is unique to ASIS systems. Customers do not have to buy ready-made solutions off the shelf, but receive a system that is 100% tailored to their needs and perfectly integrated into the overall painting system process.

Open control standard

ASIS systems have an open control standard and are not a black box for the end customer. Updates and extensions can be easily installed internally via ASIS or by external partners. Thanks to the uniform and consistent software, all parameters are combined in a clear visualization of the current status of the entire system.

Industry 4.0 ready

The digital solution Surface Analytics 4.0 also evaluates relevant values from the past in a process data analysis. This provides the system operator with valuable insights into sources of loss, system performance, comparisons or maintenance recommendations (predictive maintenance) – simply and everywhere via smartphone or laptop.

ASIS offers the paint supply Paint-Sup worldwide in a customer-friendly manner as a general contractor. From planning to commissioning, a smooth project flow is ensured from a one-stop shop.