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Integration ESTA Painting

ASIS integrates ESTA painting at BMW Motorrad plant – Berlin

BMW AG – Motorrad in Berlin has recently started to switch from conventional painting with air atomizing guns to electrostatic painting.

The high rotation atomizers from Sames of the type AccuBell are used at BMW. The AccuBell, as the name suggests, has an accumulator in which paint can be charged. After charging, the system is isolated from the paint supply and it can be used for electrostatic painting without the usual problems.

Since it is necessary to switch between the gun and the bell during the time it takes to program all the movement programs, ASIS has developed a special quick-change adapter for this task. It is now possible to change over the application system within a few minutes.

In addition to the application-related tasks, the conversion of the existing control technology to S7 was a great challenge, especially since this had to be done during the plant vacations. The challenge was mainly due to the fact that the existing robot systems, as well as their application technology, had to be completely preserved, and thus had to be reproduced accordingly. In addition to the 3x station controls, the control system of the ink supply room was also converted to S7. In order to also update the visualization systems according to the group’s specifications, ASIS installed and commissioned Zenon visualization systems at all stations.

In order to give the customer the opportunity to optimize the robot programs in advance, the pilot plant in Berlin was also equipped with a corresponding 2K application technology with current control technology on S7.



The following was implemented at BMW in Berlin by ASIS:

  • Engineering of the application technology
  • Development of a special quick-change adapter for changing between bell and gun
  • Electrical planning according to BMW standard
  • Replacement of the control technology and visualization
  • Construction of the electrics / pneumatics / application technology
  • Electrical and mechanical installation
  • Commissioning of all components
  • Adaptation of the robot systems
  • Support and handover of the plant technology in the ramp-up phase


Control engineering:

  • 5x SIMATIC S7-317-2PN/DP controllers
  • Visualization of application technology and color supply with Zenon system
  • Visualization-independent program editor CC-Edit (ASIS) for creating the rinsing and press-on programs