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Small quantity ink supply

ASIS pigging technology in the VW Commercial Vehicles Hanover plant

Micro paint supply systems in the paint shop

The VW AG – Commercial Vehicles plant in Hanover was equipped with two piggable micro paint supply stations with 180l pears each. These are fully automatic, piggable ring line systems, which meet the high requirements of efficiency on time and economy.

The newly developed ASIS pig was successfully used here. Due to its innovative design, an alternative to the pigging systems available on the market was created that is interesting in terms of maintenance costs.

The complete system is rounded off by fully automatic lid cleaning systems.

Complete package from a single source:

  • 3D engineering of the application technology
  • Electrical planning according to VW standard
  • Control engineering
  • Construction of the electrics / pneumatics / application technology
  • Electrical and mechanical installation
  • Commissioning of all components
  • Support and handover of the plant technology in the ramp-up phase
  • Application features:
  • Total of over 600m piggable ring line with over 30 pick-up points of various designs, whether side or roof machines, robots or hand stations – everything is represented here.
  • Connection technology to a wide range of color change systems, such as satellite, rotary or inline color changers from various manufacturers.
  • Sequence-controlled acceptance control with assured application behavior.

Control technology:

  • Control systems SIMATIC S7-400 /PN Profinet
  • Visualization of the applications InTouch 8.0 /9.5
  • Visualization of the operating units WinCCflexible
  • Visualization-independent program editor CC-Edit (ASIS) for creating the flush and press-on programs