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ASIS Management

From left to right: Alexander Schmunk (CSO), Hans-Jürgen Multhammer (CEO) and Maximilian Heger (CFO) are the management team of ASIS GmbH

Your Contact Persons

Hans-Jürgen Multhammer


Petra Nüßl

Management Assistant

Maximilian Heger


Alexander Schmunk


Sandra Köcher

Management Assistant,

Sabrina Prex

Team Assistance

Nils Pelzer

Authorised Officer / Head of Branch Oldenburg

Regina Sorowka

Management Assistant

Thomas Rusam

Head of Construction & Production

Mathias Bauer

Authorised Officer, Head of Project Management


Julia Daidrich

Head of Purchasing

Lukas Steeger

Head of Service

+49 871 27676-80

Matthias Harlander

Authorised Officer, Head of Human Ressources

Sabine Rottmeier

HR Business Partner

Markus Baschwitz

Head of Branch Lüneburg