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That makes us unique

Anyone can build a plant, but…

…the decisive differences for a really good plant are in the control technology and the planning service. These are precisely our core competencies.

Control technology as a core competence
Control technology has been the calling card of ASIS since the company was founded in 1998. This expertise has helped a small two-man business that started in a residential house grow into a thriving company with several branches in Germany and a subsidiary in China.

Anchored in our genes
This has enabled us to make a name for ourselves with both global corporations and medium-sized companies. Control engineering is deeply rooted in our DNA and is executed in a highly professional manner on every project. We aim to improve, simplify and develop the surface engineering process, but always in a targeted manner, with sensible pragmatism and without overengineering.

“Everything has to be as simple as possible. But not simpler.”

Albert Einstein


What is unique about ASIS control technology?

For us, intelligent control technology means understanding your individual needs, representing them in a consistent and open overall system in order to strengthen your competitiveness in the future through optimal system expandability and digital intelligence.

At ASIS, you do not have to buy ready-made solutions off the shelf, but receive a package that is ideally tailored to your needs. Control technology is developed completely in-house, without the purchase of external services. This results in productive concepts that are perfectly integrated into the overall system of the plant instead of isolated solutions.

Our systems have an open control standard and are therefore not a black box for you. Updates and expansions can be easily imported internally via ASIS or by external partners. Thanks to the uniform and consistent software, all parameters are combined in a clear visualization of the current status of the entire plant.

Our specialists are able to develop turnkey solutions even for extensive and demanding tasks - from planning to commissioning.

Your plant data is valuable, use it. Our digital solutions provide you with valuable insights into performance, sources of loss or maintenance (predictive maintenance) - simply and everywhere via smartphone or laptop.

Intelligent ASIS control technology

  • 100% customized
  • Developed in-house
  • Consistent solutions integrated in the overall system
  • Open control standard without black box
  • Updates and extensions can be imported directly via ASIS or externally without any problems
  • Intuitive visualizations for control and monitoring of the entire system
  • Expertise and capacity for challenging tasks
  • Digital solutions in the field of Industry 4.0
  • Use of digital intelligence



What is unique about the ASIS planning service?

For us, intelligent planning services mean knowing you and your environment in detail. With an overview of the entire value chain of surface technology and the use of state-of-the-art planning technology, we can develop customized solutions for you that create long-term, economical and sustainable value.

Increasingly high-quality surfaces, rising cost pressure, maintaining competitiveness as well as focusing on own innovations in a difficult environment are only some of the challenges our customers are confronted with. For more than 20 years, we have been intensively involved with sophisticated solutions in automated plant engineering. We know your requirements and your environment and know exactly what is important to you: perfect surfaces with maximum economic efficiency. This industry experience from practical experience is part of our unique planning service.

Whether engineering or complex process technology for turnkey projects - we have the experts in the industry in-house. For you, this means: You receive holistic planning concepts as early as the tendering phase and benefit from our comprehensive and manufacturer-independent expertise in the areas of pretreatment, coating, quality assurance, and all adjacent processes. Reasonable monitoring concepts for Industry 4.0 applications are realized in advance through good planning.

We operate our own competence center for simulation. ASIS basically offers holistic plant planning. This reliably prevents overdimensioning. Classic robot simulations, offline programming, material flow simulations, digital commissioning or the use of state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology show the range of possibilities. You know how well your plant will work before you even break ground and can optimize performance and functionality.

Over the years, many ideas have been created, but also discarded. The best ones can be found in our products. For the entire process chain in surface technology, we offer our own products that have already been used in numerous projects by us or other companies, such as our solutions in application technology. As part of our technology offensive, we have set up our own R&D development department, which develops solutions for tasks for which there were none before. In this way, we supply the market with innovations such as the first electric random orbital sander for robotic use or the first fully automated finishing process in automotive finishing.

Intelligent ASIS planning service

  • Precise knowledge of your specific requirements, needs and environment
  • Extensive industry experience in the field of surface technology
  • In-house planning expertise
  • Holistic planning concepts already in the tendering phase
  • Comprehensive and manufacturer-independent expertise
  • Reasonable monitoring concepts in the planning phase for Industrie 4.0 applications
  • Competence center for simulation
  • Proven ASIS products along the process chain of surface technology
  • R&D development area for new developments


Present us with challenges. We are happy to take them on.