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Patch Sealing

In the coating process, openings on the vehicle body are sealed for corrosion protection. Previously, rubber plugs had to be pressed into each hole by hand for this purpose. The new solution are adhesive patches that are stuck onto the holes with a special applicator. In order to integrate this technology into the series production of a well-known sports car manufacturer, an extensive pre-assembly was set up in the ASIS production.

Four robots seal the holes of different car bodies at extremely short cycle times and with maximum precision. Switching to a different patch size is done automatically by changing the entire applicator.
The patches are also refilled in a user-safe manner by a swivel mechanism from outside the plant.

The innovative system reduces the workload of line personnel, as manual plug setting was unergonomic and strenuous for workers.
The high repeatability of the robots and the reduction of the patches to just two sizes increases quality and boosts production efficiency.

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