Why CleanBell?

With the ASIS CleanBell we offer a fully automatic solution for the cleaning of contaminated rotary atomizers. In every coating line it is a problem that a small part of the overspray always lands on the atomizer. Without a consequent cleaning a high contamination affects the result of the surfaces to be painted. Our ASIS CleanBell is designed for automatic cleaning of rotary atomizers. For this purpose, the atomizer is placed in the middle of the device and then automatically flushed with a cleaning nozzle and finally will be dried. Here, we ensure that the consumption of the cleaning medium is as small as possible. The ASIS CleanBell can be adapted to various atomizer applications and manufacturers, according to customer requirements.

The system can be optionally equipped with a pneumatic control box. The device is designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. (Marking Ex II 2G IIB T4)



  • Quick and automatic cleaning of the bell, shape air ring and bell cup
  • Quick cleaning
  • Connection to a dump system
  • Especially low flushing media consumption
  • Closed container
  • No secondary pollution
  • Low maintenance effort

Technical data

Necessery media
Water-based flushing media or solvent
Media connection
Rinsing medium G1/8", compressed air G1/4"
Working pressure solvent
Pmin = 2.5 bar – Pmax = 4.0 bar (pressure can be adjusted according to the contamination)
Stainless steel, polyamide, teflon, brass
320 x 320 x 412 mm
approx. 20 kg

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