Why CleanGun?

Contamination of the atomizer and especially of the air caps are problems, which all paint shops have to cope with and can be avoided by the CleanCun. The atomizers are mechanically cleaned by an oscillating, with cleaning medium moistened brushes. Through the oscillating movement of the cleaning brushes an optimum cleaning result is maintained. The necessary usage of rinsing medium is smaller by dimensions than with comparable brushless systems. CleanGun is available as single or dual version and can be adapted to various atomizer  applications and manufacturer. Special features are the blow-off device and ATEX approval, which can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres zones. (Marking EXII GD c T4 T1 20°)


  • Fast cleaning
  • Very low solvent consumption
  • VOC appropriate
  • Less air consumption
  • Closed container
  • No secondary pollution
  • Low maintenance effort

Technical data

Necessary media
Air, solvent
Media connection
Air 6 mm, solvent G1/8", dump 2 ½"
Operating pressure solvent
Pmin = 0,5 bar – Pmax = 8,0 bar
Stainless steel, POM, VITON, FEP
598 x 217 x 150 mm
Approx. 13 kg

Pneumatic control

The CleanGun system can be optionally equipped with a pneumatic control box. In this way, the integration into existing systems can be realized in an easier way. All you need for the connection is a pneumatic power supply and 2x outputs on the robot or PLC system.