Paint supply systems


Paint SupSystem

Special colors and mini paint supply systems take place with high priority in all modern paint shops. Special attention is paid to a resource-saving, but also fast production process in color change systems. The paint supply station is used for the preparation and application of the paints into the paint process. The arising rinsing media during the fully automated color change are collected in central dump sytems.


The advantages

  • Increased economic efficiency through process
  • optimization & cost reduction
  • Low paint and solvent consumption for color
  • changes
  • Material recovery
  • Fast, comfortable material change
  • Customer-specific systems
  • Intuitive operation
  • Automated color change
  • Easy integration into existing processes
  • High process reliability through level monitoring
  • Electro polished container made of stainless steel

Technical data

Rinsing Medium
Solvent, flushing media, air
Compressed air
Filtered air ø 12 mm, 8 – 10 bar
Stainless steel, teflon
927 x 542 x 1,700 mm
Pigging technology
ø 12 mm

Special Color Paint Supply System

Smaller production batches and frequent color changes are one of the main challenges of modern paint shops. With the ASIS Special Color Paint Supply System we create the possibility for our customers to carry out the color change fast and highly automated. The system is optimized for short color change times and reduces our customers’ operating costs by downsize color loss and using less rinsing medium.

The function of VibraDrum

The VibraDrum sytem is designed for filtering paints, especially for allready opened paint containers. The paint is filtered through a filter sieve into the paint tank (capacity up to 35 l). The spring-supported filter sieve continuously vibrates, so that dried particles can be filtered out quickly and effectively.

The device is suitable and certified for the use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Note: The filter sieve has to be replaced after each filter operation in order to avoid color mixtures and impairment of filter result.


Technical data

Stainless steel, PE 1,000 antistatic, EPDM
Compressed air
Filtered control air ø 8 mm, 2 – 5 bar
Size (H x W x D)
890 × 720 × 925 mm
Approx. 80 kg
Ex II 2G / EPL, Ex II B/A T4/T3/T2/T1 (Zone 1 & 2 aussen)