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Abrasive Xchange Unit

To automatically change the abrasive material without user intervention, we have designed an automatic abrasive changing station. The unit will remove the used abrasive independently from the pad and litter it automatically. Afterwards, a new abrasive will be applied fully automated.


  • Safe and fast automated exchange of the abrasive
  • All standard abrasives can be used
  • The magazine can be filled during the sanding operation
  • Homogeneous sanded surface structure
  • Use of multiple abrasive per operation
  • Reproducibility of the sanding results
  • Built for extremely long service life
  • Temperature monitoring of the critical components
  • Pre-setting and recording of all process values

Automated Sanding

The necessity of sanding and polishing surfaces is still one of the most labour and personal-intensive working areas. No matter whether talking about the automotive, plastic, wood or any other industry.

ASIS Fully Automated Sanding System
Within the automated sanding process, a homogeneous treated surface was the target of our development. By using our own developed and patented abrasive exchange station, the media will be quickly replaced fully automatically and process reliable. In addition, the abrasive media can be automatically exchanged safe and quick with our patented procedure by the abrasive changing station.

Technical data

Touch panel, superior control
Media connections
Compressed air at 6 – 10 bar operating pressure
Electrical connections
230 V, Fieldbus: Profinet, Ethernet I/P
Change of abrasive
Less than 15 sec.
Capacity magazine
About 400 abrasives

Unique & Practical – Rob-E-Unit

The Rob-E-Unit is the first electrical sander on the market, which can stop in a predefined position for a fully automated replacement of the abrasives. This also enables you to remove the consumables very quickly and provides the best possible suction hole coverage. The integrated active speed control is the decisive component for reproducible sanding results.
For this purpose, the sander is designed to be highly dynamic. Because of the ability of our  sander turning clock- and counter-clockwise rotation, we can further refine the sanding result since the excitation of the eccentric disc can be influenced.

Properties & advantages

  • Very slim and compact design made of sturdy metal housing
  • Speed control ensures consistent sanding quality
  • Quick change adaption, all connections pluggable
  • Modular design by pluggable control electronics
  • Optimized for the ASIS automatic abrasive exchange station
  • Torque load determination for optimized contact pressure
  • Specially developed for industrial 24/7 robot applications
  • Optimal suction

Technical data

Max. Rotation
8.500 1/min.
6,5 kg
48 VDC
0,5 kW
Profinet, Ethernet I/P