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Automatic finish

Perfect surface quality in process and finish

Automatic Finish

Perfect surface quality in process and finish

Reliable and repeatable

After painting (top coat or CDC), visible defects in the paint are caused by dust inclusions, for example. Until now, these had to be removed by hand. Problems and difficulties occur during this step of the process, though: The processing result can vary depending on the employee’s daily form. The sanding dust and the ergonomics during work are also a burden for the employee.

With the automatic finish, ASIS offers a fully automated solution for this work step.



  • High precision & fully automatic reworking process system in the paint finish
  • Applied in top coat and in cathodic dipping coating (CDC)
  • Repeatability of process results
  • Automatic allocation of application parameters and reworking processes depending on the type of defect
  • Automated path planning of application programs

Complete solutions from a single source

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More information in the whitepaper

Learn more about the fully automatic process in the paint finish.


Automatic finishing is divided into three main processes: Defect detection, sanding, polishing. Defect detection includes position recognition and classification based on the severity of the defect. Depending on the circumstances, defect detection can be integrated both automatically and manually.

Defect detection

The defect detection covers the positioning and the classification based on the severity of the defect. Afterwards a treatment program is assigned, which was developed with a series of tests in advance. The defect detection can either be manual or automatic.

ASIS cooperates with partner companies and delivers the appropriate system according to your needs.


Sanding is carried out with special sanding equipment designed for continuous industrial use. Depending on the particular defect class, the defect is processed individually.

Also the media supply during sanding is fully automatic: At the sanding disc exchange station ASIS Disc-X-Change the robot automatically changes the abrasives from four different magazines.


Polishing is also done with special industrial polishing machines. The polish is precisely dosed with the ASIS polish dosing station PolishSup and directly sprayed on the surface with a spray gun. The gun is sitting next to the polishing unit.

Sanding & Polishing

The 3M™ Active Compliant Tool active contact flange is extremely precise. The active force control is regulated with the highest accuracy including gravity compensation. Correct function is ensured at any angle. One or more applicators can be flexibly mounted.

The sanding and polishing tools (3M™ Servo Random Orbital Sander / 3M™ Servo Random Orbital Buffer) feature an electric servo motor with constant speed control. The compact design allows dual mounting on the active contact flange.

  • Provides high accuracy
  • Active force control with gravity compensation
  • Works at any angle
  • Electric servo motor
  • Constant speed control
  • Compact design for dual mounting to 3M™ Active Compliant Tool


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Full program from a single source

ASIS GmbH offers both the seamless integration of automatic finishing into your process.

Due to our broad portfolio and our expertise in automation and process technology, we are your contact as a general contractor during the entire project.

On a fully equipped automatic finish cell in the ASIS development center, interested parties can examine the technology live as well as test the automated processing on their own workpieces.

We are looking forward to your request:

Products for Automatic Finish

For automatic finish, ASIS offers the complete package for a fully automated and safe process. This includes media supply with sanding discs, polishing sponges and polishing media:

  • Disc-X-Change sanding disc changing station
  • Pad-X-Change polishing pad changing station
  • PolishSup polishing agent supply and dosing


  • Safe and fast automated change
  • No production interruption during magazine change
  • Modular design
  • Practically proven and sophisticated plant technology